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Up until my early 20s it seemed like everything was so easy for me when it came to my health.  I easily maintained a healthy weight, I had boundless energy and I almost never got sick. I was able to exercise multiple times per week without getting injured, and I had the energy to do so.  I felt genuinely happy.  Around age 24 things started to really shift for me.  I noticed some weight gain around my mid-section, I was tired all the time and I was getting injured while working out.  I spent a couple of years unsure of what to do, and unhappy. I felt stressed out and confused about how to improve my health.  For the first time in my life, I identified as overweight and unhappy.

At the age of 25, I suffered the devastating loss of my little brother. Life became almost unbearable for me, and my health continued to plummet.  After a few years of living life filled with alcohol, fast food and negativity, I realized that living this way was having a negative impact on the people around me.

Slowly I began to pull myself out of the muck. I learned how to meditate, and began practicing daily. I cut sugar and processed foods from my diet and added movement back into my daily routine.  The change was gradual but dramatic. I went from napping every day and still feeling tired to never needing a nap! I had energy to get through my day and work towards being my best self.  I felt a sense of vitality that I had not felt since my early 20s.

The process of behavior change is hard.  I was drawn to health coaching because I want to support others who may be going down a similar path that I was.  I want others to know that health and happiness are achievable goals if you chose to invest in yourself!



I found my way to health coaching and passion about health and wellness as I found myself feeling like I was not in control of my life. It felt like I was losing the battle against stress. Our family suffered the unimaginable loss of our 21-year-old son 8 years ago. I was not in a good place for a long time after. I really didn’t know how to move myself forward to a better, healthier place.  I spent a lot of time learning about health and wellness topics and heard about the benefits of meditation and movement for stress. I was quite skeptical.

During one of my lowest and most stressful times, I decided to try meditation. I was extremely surprised at the changes in myself that I experienced. The pain and stress were still there, but it became manageable. It helped me look at what really is happening instead of all the “what if” thoughts that were constantly in my head. This was life changing for me. I found ways to be more positive overall. This led me to yoga and implementing more movement into my day.

I started experimenting with diet as well. After doing a 30-day reset removing sugar and eating only whole real foods, I was amazed to see the difference.  I saw that food could affect my energy and mood as well. The brain fog I thought was just part of my life was lifted.

I decided to get into health and wellness coaching because I genuinely see the power of implementing more movement, mindfulness, and changing how we fuel our bodies.

Life can be so amazing and beautiful, but it can be extremely difficult and stressful as well.  I love helping people overcome the stress and anxiety in their lives and helping them see the beauty that is justs beneath the surface.

I have learned so much and grown so much from the adversity in my life and would love to walk next to others in their journey to healing and moving forward in their best possible self.

What I love about coaching is that it is not about telling people what to do but helping them to discover what it that they personally need and partnering with them to find their motivation to reach their goals and dreams, to be happy, present and healthy.

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“Working with Hailee has been a positive experience. Since she has been coaching me, I have been able to achieve realistic and attainable goals for the amount of sleep I get every night, and the down time I allow myself to have during the day. Physically, I have more energy throughout the day and have the energy to work out when my schedule permits. Emotionally, I have more energy to give to my family and to be present. Hailee is a good listener, encouraging (without being critical), motivational, and supportive.”
Cherie F
Cherie F

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