Through this program you will learn the mind healing art of meditation from our experienced mindfulness meditation coach. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve focus, attention, emotional stability, stress, anxiety and overall mood. You will learn to manage your mind to achieve a greater sense of calm and clarity in your everyday life. Each week you have access to newly released guided meditations and each month we hold a live community meditation class for our members. 

High Intensity Exercise 

High Intensity Interval Training and tabata style workouts are quick and effective. You can get in a great workout in 30 minutes or less with just your body and some space to move. Equipment is optional but is great for an extra challenge. These styles burn a great amount of calories in a shorter amount of time and keep your metabolism elevated for hours following the workout. This is great for the heart and improves muscle growth.



Yoga bridges together the mental clarity of meditation with the physical strength of working out. It can help bring a sense of internal and external balance. Through practice, you will become more in tune with yourself, body, mind and heart.


Live Your Wellness Plus – COMING SOON

Need more support? We got you! Our team has two certified health and wellness coaches on staff to help you clarify and achieve your wellness-related goals. What you’ll get with LYW Plus:

  • One 45-minute consultation with one of our certified wellness coaches. During this call you will:
    • Clarify long and short term goals
    • Identify barriers to success
    • Co-create a plan to achieve goals
  • Weekly text message support from one of our certified health and wellness coaches 20% off existing services from our instructors.

    I love that I don’t ever feel judged…only supported and encouraged. Wonderful group!!! 

    Lori P.

    I love knowing that I have a community to motivate me to follow through with my wellness goals and to be kind to myself when I don’t!

    It feels special knowing that I’ve got others on this journey with me, and specialists to help me with everything that might feel challenging.  

    Adrienne S.

    I love the combination of yoga and HIIT workouts; I can honestly say that it’s the first time I’ve been consistent with something done in an online format like this. I love the accountability and check-in aspect of the community and the support and interaction with instructors. I also enjoy the weekly meditations and how you present the class in addition to the different length meditations! Your voice is soothing and calming! 5 stars all around!

    Joan Y.

    The LYW community allows me to do me!

    HIIT + Yoga + Meditation + Accountability without Judgment = LYW Family!  

    Melaine V.


    Live Your Wellness Monthly Membership:

    $35 / month


    Sara (yoga instructor):

      Hi, I’m Sara! I began practicing yoga years ago when I was looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety during a transitional time in my life. It was important to find a way to feel grounded. I practiced at home for a year before ever stepping into a yoga studio. Once I started practicing at a local spot, I was overcome with a wonderful sense of community. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to dive deeper into yoga.

    In 2017, I signed up for a teacher training in Berkeley, California, and over the course of six months, I learned a lot about yoga and myself. I practiced and studied a mindful Vinyasa style and later trained in the style of Yin. Since then, I have taught classes in different studios throughout the East Bay.

    For me, yoga is about taking time to connect with yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I enjoy blending different styles to create a well-balanced practice for all. Each practice is taught with light heartedness, intention, and compassion.

    Ann (Health and wellness coach)

    Hi, I’m Ann! I am a certified health and wellness coach through the ADAPT health coaching institute.  In this program, I will be helping to support you with goal creation and accountability.

    I decided to get involved in coaching  because of my own life experiences. After a significant loss in our family I spent an extended amount of time feeling  lost and without purpose. It was when I began to experiment with meditation, diet and healthy lifestyle that I started on my journey to be whole again. 

    I began to understand how powerful it was to introduce these into my life. The combination of working on exercise, meditation, diet and mindset along with working on managing my stress had a life changing effect on me both physically and mentally. I started to experience more hope and optimism for the first time in a long while. The brain fog I had and thought was just part of who I was started to fade and my energy increased.  

    So amazing to me was the fact the things that I had changed  were so basic and yet I experienced such unexpected but very welcome and much appreciated results. 

    I am truly passionate about helping others. Somewhere along this journey I discovered  that my purpose is to support people who are interested in working on better health and to be the best human they can be, inside and out.


    Jenna (personal trainer)

                Hi! My name is Jenna Loewen with Steadfast Fit and Flow. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about using exercise as a way to feel good from the inside out. I truly believe that being physically active can transform your life.

                Growing up I was never one to play organized sports. However I was always trying to find ways to keep my body and mind busy. I danced for a short period of time and I would go running in my neighborhood. However it wasn’t until my early 20’s that weightlifting became a huge interest to me and my true fitness journey began. It was also during this time in my life when I struggled with self confidence, insecurities and a great amount of anxiety.

                It is because of these internal battles that I would find myself in the gym. Moving my body would help me clear my mind. Getting stronger was slowly but surely building my confidence. Exercise became the medicine my body and soul was in need of. I felt and continue to feel proud of myself for how far I have come mentally and physically.

                In 2019, after 13 years of dedication to a healthy lifestyle I knew that I wanted to come along side others during their journey to healthy living. My goal is simply to get clients to move their body, clear their mind and love the changes that occur mentally and physically.


    Hailee Didio – Health coach and meditation instructor

    Hi, I’m Hailee! I am a certified meditation instructor and health coach.  Each week in this program I will be providing you with guided meditations and meditation classes to help set you up for success in your mindfulness journey.   

    Meditation has played a significant role in my life, helping me with major life obstacles such as grief, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and lack of focus.  Meditation helped me so much that I decided to pursue my teaching certification so that I could help bring the practice to others.  Through meditation I also learned the valuable skill of mindfulness, and how to apply this to improve my quality of life.  I am passionate about teaching these skills to my students and seeing the incredible success that they have in their lives once they apply what they’ve learned.

    My teaching style is open minded and free flowing.  I believe there are no hard and fast rules, and that each person must find what is right for them.  My job is to gently guide each of my students to find their own path and develop a practice that feels good for that individual.  In my classes you will first learn the basics of creating a successful, healthy mindfulness meditation practice.  My goal is to introduce meditation to beginners and help experienced practitioners deepen their practice so that mediation becomes a daily part of all my student’s lives!


    Live Your Wellness Monthly Membership 

    $35 / month


    Does this program contain live classes?

    No, all classes are pre recorded so that participants may join in on their own time whenever it is convenient for them.

    Cancelation policy

    You are able to cancel your membership at any time.  Simply click on any of your email receipts from moonclerk or email to cancel your membership.  

    Is there a long term commitment?

    There is no long term commitment.  You will be charged month to month and can cancel at any time.

    How do I win a monthly implementer prize?

    Implementer prizes are won by participating in the program and providing evidence of this to share with the group.  Commenting on posts, posting pictures/videos of your workouts, sharing your goals and progress and commenting/encouraging others.  The more participation we have, the more chance all members have for success.

    IF you do not have a Facebook, you still can win the monthly implementer prize by emailing the team with your progress, goals, and photo evidence of program participation.  (If you’re shy about this you don’t have to be in the picture, you can show us your meditation cushion, or workout space… get creative and you will definitely be considered for a prize!


    How many classes will be offered per week?

    Each week you will get three new high intensity workout classes, two new yoga classes and one new meditation class.  You will also be getting a brand new guided meditation each week with the option for three different lengths depending on your experience level: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes.

    Can I join this program if I’m a beginner?

    YES! This program is for all levels and our instructors work hard at modifying programs to fit the needs of all members.  If you ever need assistance with a modification or injury, simply post a question in the Facebook group or via email, and one of our instructors will get back to you.

    Do I need any equipment to join?

    No, workouts and yoga exercises are bodyweight only.  Optionally, if you’d like to purchase equipment however, you may opt to purchase a yoga mat and some light handweights.

    Do I need a Facebook group to join?

    No, you do not need a Facebook group to join as you will receive all the videos through email.  However, we highly encourage members to participate in the Facebook group to get the maximum benefit (accountability, peer and instructor support, goal setting etc.)