It might be time for some self care…

You’re beginning to show some signs of unhealthy levels of stress.  Don’t beat yourself up, you’re definitely not alone.  

There are multiple factors that are contributing to, and perpetuating, stress in your system that may be impacting everything from your energy and mood to physical symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, lack of sleep and other health problems.  

This level of stress can increase risk of developing chronic illness and disease.

We have to remember that feeling “stressed out” is only one of the many ways that stress can manifest in our body.  This is why it’s so important to prioritize self care and make sure you’re taking care of your health- both physical AND mental.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can improve your stress score, starting now.  Read my tips below to find out more.

Tips for improving your stress score:

  • Start a meditation practice.  If you’ve never meditated before you can begin by using a guided meditation to help you learn the basics.  

    Meditate for just a little bit each day to see big changes to your mental health.  You can expect improved focus, sleep and mood just to name a few of the many benefits this practice has to offer.

  • Increase movement.  If you’re looking for a boost exercise is one of the best mood boosters there is.  

    If hitting the gym doesn’t sound appealing, that’s ok!

    Try to find ways to incorporate movement that feels good- walking outdoors is a great way to get started.

  • Get more sleep. Although stress can contribute to lack of sleep, lack of sleep can also contribute to stress!  Make sure your room is completely dark at night and not too hot.


    Try relaxing before bed with a screens free activity such as reading a book or a bedtime meditation.  Sleep is like a magic bullet for your health, and by focusing on sleep you might be surprised at the positive difference it will make for your health!

Are you looking for additional support?  

We are a family owned coaching business specializing in stress management.  Happy Healthy Peach is a mother-daughter duo; both certified health and wellness coaches and trained meditation teachers.  

We specialize in helping women manage their stress so they can have more energy to do the things they love.  We’d love to get to know you better!

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